Two years compliance warranty

When purchasing from Juice Hifi you are entitled to goods that is compliant with the following:

  • Of a Satisfactory Quality, i.e. generally free from fault or defect, of a reasonable appearance and finish and safe and durable.
  • Fit for the purpose – goods should be fit for any specific or particular purpose made known at the time of the agreement.
  • As described – goods should correspond with any description applied to them.

It is your responsibility to find authoritative confirmation that the product is fit for the customer’s intended purpose. If the documentation found at is non-conclusive, further documentation can often be had directly from the manufacturer’s site, or you can ask us at Juice Hifi or the manufacturer for a valid conformation before making the purchase.

If you conclude or suspect that purchased goods is non-compliant, you should notify Juice Hifi in writing whithout any further delay. A new product that fails to function or breaks under normal use while it is new,  is very likely to be non compliant. When that is the case you will be entitled to free repair, replacement, due compensation or cancelling the purchase. But as time passes on, the burdon of proof will be shifted towards the user. Therefore, your case will be stronger the earlier such a notification is sent.

For electronic goods such as computer cards, microphones and AD-DA converters, the Compliance Warranty is valid for two years.
You don’t have any real grounds for complaint if you:

  • were told about the fault
  •  examined the item when you bought it and should have seen the fault
  •  did the damage yourself
  •  made a mistake when buying the item
  •  simply changed your mind

If you try to repair the goods yourself, this warranty is no longer valid – unless you have a written accept from Juice Hifi.
Second hand goods

If you buy second hand goods you must consider the price paid, and if necessary be prepared to lower your expectations about their performance.

Sale Goods

If the goods were reduced in price because of a fault that was either brought to your attention at the time, or should have been obvious to you on examination, then you would not be able to have your money back later for that particular fault- so, check sale goods carefully before you buy.

Buying services or customized goods

When work is carried out by Juice Hifi to customize products, you can expect it to be done:

  • with reasonable care and skill (the standards of skill is that of an ‘average practitioner in that field’, unless otherwise agreed).
  • in a reasonable time (if there is no specific time agreed).
  • Any goods or parts fitted as part of the contract must be of  satisfactory quality
  • fit for their purpose
  • as described

If you find that work carried out is not satisfactory, does not conform to the contract, costs more than was agreed or takes too long, you may be able to claim compensation.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

A warranty issued by a manufacturer on products sold by Juice Hifi comes in addition to any warranty issued by manufacturers.