Audiolense convolver download

Installation Notes

  • Comes with an optional 60 day trial license.
  • Windows’ Smart Screen may block the installation. You can disable the Smart Screen from the Control Panel.
  • The User Account Control may block / warn against the installation. Ignore or click “more info” to proceed.
  • Windows Defender may prevent write access to designated part of “My Documents”, and perhaps other parts of the hard-drive too. Write access can be restored under settings for threat and virus protection.
  • Contact us if you’re in doubt – and we will verify that the install files are still 100% OK.

Known issues

Roon often needs a separate license key. Generate a hardware ID from the convolver if it says that a valid license is missing. And send it to juice hifi to get a new key.

If the program doesn’t run normally, you may need one or two of these:

Dotnet framework 4 (or later) 

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

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[3 may 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.6.exe 

  • A bug that limited allowed audio format (channel count) has been fixed.

[21 apr 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.5.exe 

  • A bug related to sample rate shift when context was engaged has been addressed.

[06 mar 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.4.exe 

  • Several getting started quirks have been eliminated

[07 feb 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.3.exe 

  • A programming flaw that caused the stand-alone convolver to close on startup under certain conditions has been eliminated.

[07 feb 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.2.exe 

  • Implemented “allow all users” access for the application data folder. since Audirvana did not have write access to the ini file.
  • Eliminated a few bugs.
  • Reworked the context sensitive approach that was not working.
    • The context is identified by the following markers: process, number of input channels, input offset (stand-alone) and sound card.
    • The context finder chooses the last used context that matches the context markers that is known at the time.
    • Literally all settings should now be remembered, down to whether the signal was muted or not.
  • Less fuzz getting started:
    • Eliminated the “choose sound card” dialog that appeared on first time use. The convolver automatically picks the first available sound card.
    • The convolver now does dummy streaming when it is called from a player and not properly configured.
    • Added Audirvana to the list of apps that needs the “Roon fix” to function.
  • Input buffers, output buffers and buffers in the convolver are all flushed every time the audio stream is stopped. Hopefully it will eliminate reported popping.
  • On startup, the form could be invisible, yet interfering with mouse movements etc. Now, the form is immediately moved outside the screen to avoid this interference.
  • GUI relocation: The gui can be unlocked, moved to a desired location and locked there.

[05 jan 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.1.exe 

  • Bug fix: Set sampe rate in GUI was one place doing get sample rate.
  • Added manual placement of form, which is stored in context. Enables you to place the form where you want it to be.
  • Improved mouse scroll method in volume slider and latency slider .. for some mouses.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a memory deallocation error in callback from driver. The convolver crashed regularly with one of my 7 sound cards when this call was used. Many sound cards seems to be not using this call, or very rarely.
  • Set default used inputs to 2 to make getting started with standalone easier.
  • Changed the unlicensed version to run muted instead to improve user experience
  • Mute and count clips raised an exception if they were pressed before the convolver had started. This is now fixed.
  • The GUI informs the user if a valid license missing
  • Didome cleanup in the “about” form.
  • Several gui improvements:
    • Fixed several sizing issues
    • Regular gui now appears after full gui has been open and closed.
    • Added HWID generator to GUI.
    • Added a check-mark to open.gui menu and open.full.gui menu, indicating that they stay open until explicitly closed. And they can be closed using the same menus.
  • Implemented 60 day trial license as an option in the install file.

[01 oct 2020]

Audiolense convolver 1.0.exe 

  • Temporary license included. Works until end of 2020.
  • Added mute memory. Muted on close gives muted on open.
  • Added auto start on standalone.
  • Cleaned up license check and license info in “about”.
  • Added helpfile to tray menu.
  • Changed to automatic dpi resizing of form.

[13 jul 2020]

Audiolense convolver 0.9 (beta).exe 

  • More user friendly getting started with Roon and AsioBridge
  • About dialog including license status info.
  • The user is notified if a valid license is missing.
  • Form stays open if it is clicked open.
  • (Hopefully) improved behavior on odd screen settings.
  • Various gui tweaks to improve user experience.
  • New beta license included, lasting to nov 30th 2020.

[08 apr 2020]

  • Fixed 24 bit rendering which was set up on 32 bit buffers before
  • Fixed a gui buffer setting error
  • Removed the autohide on form when the icon is not on tray …. workaround for AsioBridge

[22 mar 2020]

  • Roon compatible
  • Fixed sample rate display error
  • Fixed a small buffer setting error
  • You may have to delete the ini file in the program data folder to make your settings stick.

[03 jan 2020]

  • Fixed a downsampling bug: A fixed size blackman that was sometimes too long.
  • The process just shut down when an invalid filter had been entered before. Fixed that.
  • Supplemented all mouse wheel functions except the slide bars with mouse button functions. Left: incr, right: decr.
  • Implemented functionality for customizing latency increments.

[03 feb 2020]

  • An optional extra buffer has been implemented (new checkbox in convolver settings) in the hope that it may prevent stutter in a few situations where that occurs.
  • Total latency were displayed in ms when samples were chosen. Fixed.
  • Made a change to how the GUI is repainted in order to make it more quiet.

[26 dec 2019]

  • Two winform that was truncated when the screen was set up with large fonts has been fixed.
  • Fixed a channel routing issue in the correction

[23 dec 2019]

  • First release