Audiolense convolver download

Installation Notes

  • Comes with an optional 60 day trial license.
  • Windows’ Smart Screen may block the installation. You can disable the Smart Screen from the Control Panel.
  • The User Account Control may block / warn against the installation. Ignore or click “more info” to proceed.
  • Windows Defender may prevent write access to designated part of “My Documents”, and perhaps other parts of the hard-drive too. Write access can be restored under settings for threat and virus protection.
  • Contact us if you’re in doubt – and we will verify that the install files are still 100% OK.

Known issues

Roon often needs a separate license key. Generate a hardware ID from the convolver if it says that a valid license is missing. And send it to juice hifi to get a new key.

If the program doesn’t run normally, you may need one or two of these:

Dotnet framework 4 (or later) 

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

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[05 apr 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

A quick fix to eliminate errant gui appearance.

Reinstated a few commands that was removed during the Qobuz debugging.

[04 apr 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

Implemented dummy sound card that runs if the real sound card is unavailable

May have sorted out the Qobuz problem. Qobus responds to restart requests here now.

[19 mar 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

New beta.

Dialled back on using local restart.

Fixed a buffer size setting bug that often prevented the user from choosing.

… and another buffer setting bug that may have caused problems with the first beta.

Implemented a “force buffer size” option in GUI.

Some DPI related gui improvements.

[2 mar 2022]

Audiolense convolver 1.7 (beta).exe 

Several changes has been implemented to make the convolver more user friendly and robust with different players and malfunctioning sound cards. Problems that previously caused the convolver to be shut down by the player are now exposed to the user instead of the player. Furthermore, since several players do not handle restart requests properly, changes has been made to limit restarts to situations where it is absolutely necessary.

A special fix for Qobus has been implemented. Qobuz crashes on the Asio restart request from the convolver, so in this case the user is informed to restart the program.

I have high hopes that users of Qobuz, Roon and Audirvana will experience these changes as improvements, and also that e.g. sample rate changes will work properly where it didn’t before.

The changes in the internal logics are quite substantial with higher complexity, so I need help with testing it before it is out of beta.

[3 may 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.6.exe 

  • A bug that limited allowed audio format (channel count) has been fixed.

[21 apr 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.5.exe 

  • A bug related to sample rate shift when context was engaged has been addressed.

[06 mar 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.4.exe 

  • Several getting started quirks have been eliminated

[07 feb 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.3.exe 

  • A programming flaw that caused the stand-alone convolver to close on startup under certain conditions has been eliminated.

[07 feb 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.2.exe 

  • Implemented “allow all users” access for the application data folder. since Audirvana did not have write access to the ini file.
  • Eliminated a few bugs.
  • Reworked the context sensitive approach that was not working.
    • The context is identified by the following markers: process, number of input channels, input offset (stand-alone) and sound card.
    • The context finder chooses the last used context that matches the context markers that is known at the time.
    • Literally all settings should now be remembered, down to whether the signal was muted or not.
  • Less fuzz getting started:
    • Eliminated the “choose sound card” dialog that appeared on first time use. The convolver automatically picks the first available sound card.
    • The convolver now does dummy streaming when it is called from a player and not properly configured.
    • Added Audirvana to the list of apps that needs the “Roon fix” to function.
  • Input buffers, output buffers and buffers in the convolver are all flushed every time the audio stream is stopped. Hopefully it will eliminate reported popping.
  • On startup, the form could be invisible, yet interfering with mouse movements etc. Now, the form is immediately moved outside the screen to avoid this interference.
  • GUI relocation: The gui can be unlocked, moved to a desired location and locked there.

[05 jan 2021]

Audiolense convolver 1.1.exe 

  • Bug fix: Set sampe rate in GUI was one place doing get sample rate.
  • Added manual placement of form, which is stored in context. Enables you to place the form where you want it to be.
  • Improved mouse scroll method in volume slider and latency slider .. for some mouses.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a memory deallocation error in callback from driver. The convolver crashed regularly with one of my 7 sound cards when this call was used. Many sound cards seems to be not using this call, or very rarely.
  • Set default used inputs to 2 to make getting started with standalone easier.
  • Changed the unlicensed version to run muted instead to improve user experience
  • Mute and count clips raised an exception if they were pressed before the convolver had started. This is now fixed.
  • The GUI informs the user if a valid license missing
  • Didome cleanup in the “about” form.
  • Several gui improvements:
    • Fixed several sizing issues
    • Regular gui now appears after full gui has been open and closed.
    • Added HWID generator to GUI.
    • Added a check-mark to open.gui menu and open.full.gui menu, indicating that they stay open until explicitly closed. And they can be closed using the same menus.
  • Implemented 60 day trial license as an option in the install file.

[01 oct 2020]

Audiolense convolver 1.0.exe 

  • Temporary license included. Works until end of 2020.
  • Added mute memory. Muted on close gives muted on open.
  • Added auto start on standalone.
  • Cleaned up license check and license info in “about”.
  • Added helpfile to tray menu.
  • Changed to automatic dpi resizing of form.

[13 jul 2020]

Audiolense convolver 0.9 (beta).exe 

  • More user friendly getting started with Roon and AsioBridge
  • About dialog including license status info.
  • The user is notified if a valid license is missing.
  • Form stays open if it is clicked open.
  • (Hopefully) improved behavior on odd screen settings.
  • Various gui tweaks to improve user experience.
  • New beta license included, lasting to nov 30th 2020.

[08 apr 2020]

  • Fixed 24 bit rendering which was set up on 32 bit buffers before
  • Fixed a gui buffer setting error
  • Removed the autohide on form when the icon is not on tray …. workaround for AsioBridge

[22 mar 2020]

  • Roon compatible
  • Fixed sample rate display error
  • Fixed a small buffer setting error
  • You may have to delete the ini file in the program data folder to make your settings stick.

[03 jan 2020]

  • Fixed a downsampling bug: A fixed size blackman that was sometimes too long.
  • The process just shut down when an invalid filter had been entered before. Fixed that.
  • Supplemented all mouse wheel functions except the slide bars with mouse button functions. Left: incr, right: decr.
  • Implemented functionality for customizing latency increments.

[03 feb 2020]

  • An optional extra buffer has been implemented (new checkbox in convolver settings) in the hope that it may prevent stutter in a few situations where that occurs.
  • Total latency were displayed in ms when samples were chosen. Fixed.
  • Made a change to how the GUI is repainted in order to make it more quiet.

[26 dec 2019]

  • Two winform that was truncated when the screen was set up with large fonts has been fixed.
  • Fixed a channel routing issue in the correction

[23 dec 2019]

  • First release